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Answers to our most-popular questions: payment & account, security, troubleshooting & more.

Knowing more about TrafficLight

A company with a GREEN TrafficLight is in good financial health and there should be no worries about them paying their invoices or being late in their payments. You can build a partnership in confidence with them.
A company with a YELLOW TrafficLight might present potential risks in their financial situation. Knowing that, you might want to adjust the payment or contractual terms of the partnership in order to take that risk into account and build the partnership with confidence.
A company with a RED TrafficLight might present substantial default risk and you might be concerned about them abiding the payment or contractual terms of the partnership. You might want them to pay upfront and without payment facility.
TrafficLight is calculated based on Euler Hermes's grade information and benefits from Euler Hermes’ in-depth credit expertise and unique knowledge of B2B companies as the #1 global player in credit insurance.

Payment and Account Management

A company can only have only one master account (the «Account Manager») on TrafficLight. The Account Manager can decide to add related accounts on his Profile setting and to give them, if necessary, the right to be Account Manager.
No long-term contract needed, TrafficLight is a product with no commitment and pay-per-use.
In case of Pay-per-use client, the number of requests per month is limited to 500 per month. Please contact us by mail on to extend your limit.

Integrating TrafficLight API

You can register and test the TrafficLight API immediately. Please refer to API Docs. If you need additional information, you can contact us on
You will get assigned a test API key on signup, that returns fake data and is not billed, for your development and implementation tests. You can create production API keys, to obtain real data.

Reduce your risk by getting smarter data about your partners’ financial health.

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